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procurement benchmaking

We are experienced in benchmarking procurement and supply chain functions. Our benchmark is a wholly engaging and inclusive experience, utilising our Nucleus methodology. We benchmark your function against over 150 clients to deliver deep and current good practice insights. The benchmark will result in a detailed recommendations report, change roadmap, implementation plan, together with your business case for change. 

procurement transformation

We can lead the transformation of your existing function. If you're looking to establish a new procurement function, we will work with you to develop your target operating model, organisational design, and operational requirements. We can lead the development of your procurement and supply chain strategy, develop your annual business planning process, and review or create all policy and governance requirements.   

savings delivery

With our approach to cost management, we work collaboratively with your procurement capability and key stakeholders to quickly identify, validate, prioritise and deliver a range of sustainable bottom-line savings. We have access to analytical, category and sourcing professionals on an on-demand basis, to minimise cost and deliver at pace. 

procurement technology

In an every increasingly complex market of procurement technology solutions, we have partnered with Raindrop, with their source to contract enterprise spend management solution. Raindrop provides spend analytics, spend planning, sourcing, contract lifecycle management and supplier relationship management modules. A Raindrop instance can be provisioned in minutes to deliver immediate value.

supply chain resilience

We can assess the current state of your entire supply chain. We use our risk methodology to identify key risks in your supply chain; assess the likelihood of the risk occurring; propose recommendations to reduce the impact of the risk; and implement a process to manage any changes to the risk profile as well as capture new emerging risks. 

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